Encrypt, store, send, keep the key

Secrecy.me is the first online application that enables large file sending and cloud file storage by encrypting data from your device before sending it. No more trusted third parties who can access your data. Only you or your recipient can read the sent data. Now you have the key!


Cloud Storage

Cloud storage

Store all your files and folders on Secrecy cloud. They are so secure that even the Secrecy team cannot access them, because only you have the key. You can use the online interface to preview files, drag and drop your files and folders, and order them.

Files Transfer

Messages and large file transfer

You'll never need unsecured email or unencrypted file transfer services again. With Secrecy, you can send secure messages with encrypted attachments to your contacts. You can even contact people who don't have Secrecy accounts yet !

Folder Sharing

Folder sharing

Do you need to work with other people on the same file or folder? With Secrecy, it's easy to share a workspace and track the change history of each file.

Single Sign On


All your data is encrypted with state-of-the-art encryption algorithms. With our unique technology, only you have complete control over your data, and no trusted third parties are necessary. You can also enable two-factor authentication (2FA) with your email or phone to further protect your account.

Why Secrecy ?

Security and reliability

Security and reliability

With secrecy.me you will no longer be afraid of losing or having your data stolen. Our cloud and file sending system is much more secure than any computer, and remains much more accessible and reliable than any hard drive. Your data is stored on secure servers in France, which meet strict physical security standards. You can even activate data multiplication to store the most important ones with several hosts. If one of the hosts is hacked, the data will be unusable without the password you have.
Privacy - Confidentiality

Privacy - Confidentiality

Your data is valuable and secrecy.me protects it from cyber attacks as well as from targeted advertising companies and governments. You don't even have to trust us: all cryptographic operations that ensure the confidentiality of your data are performed on your device with your personal encryption key. Our service is unique, just like your key.
Easy to use

Easy to use

Secrecy is simpler to use than your usual tools. In one click, you can send any file and save any attachment in your cloud. You can preview common files in the web interface so that you don't even have to download them. If your contacts have multiple email addresses, you can use any of them to send them messages. You can even send a message to a phone number!


In case of difficulties, you can consult our frequently asked questions (FAQ). You can also send an email to the technical service at helpdesk@secrecy.me, who will try to answer you as soon as possible.


Secrecy.me is not just an app, it's the future of all apps. Indeed, all developers can use the revolutionary secrecy.tech technology to develop applications that will be as secure as secrecy.me. Thanks to its unique protocol, you can share your personal data between multiple applications and still be in control of your digital life.



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